5 Things Your Interviewer Won’t Tell You

Here are 5 things your interviewer won’t tell you :

1. We only spend about 30 seconds glossing over your resume.
Five things your interviewer won't tell you

Five things your interviewer won’t tell you

There is only so much time in a day and we receive hundreds of resumes for all kinds of positions. We wish there was enough time to carefully review each resume and give it the attention it probably deserves, but that’s just not realistic. We make sure your contact info is on the top, check for employment gaps and then search for a connection between your skills and the qualifications we are looking for in a candidate. In 30 seconds or less we either have you shuffled in the “interview” pile or the “pass” bin.

2. We look you up on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google.

Before we make the call to schedule an interview, we want to know what you are about. We want to see how you are portrayed on social media, what you look like and whether or not your name search turns up anything scandalous. Interviewers like to think of it as research. Candidates look up the company prior to coming in for an interview and we look up the candidates! It’s a fair trade off.

3. We hate when you arrive too early.

Interviewers really wish that candidates knew there is such a thing as being too early. Five or ten minutes early is to be expected, but anything more than that can be an annoyance. Interviewers have busy schedules and we carve slots of time out of our day for the interview process. When a candidate comes in more than fifteen minutes early, we feel pressured to entertain them.

4. We want you to ask questions – a lot of them.

There is nothing worse than asking, “Do you have any questions for me?” only to be met with an awkward shrug and a slight shake of the head. The more questions we get, the more we think you want the position. Plus, asking questions gives off the impression that you want to learn more about the job you are interviewing for. Interviewers love when candidates are thirsty for knowledge. In this job market, so many applicants are willing to take anything that comes with a paycheck. It is the interviewer’s job to weed out the applicants who will take the job, to the ones who really want the job. Asking questions will make you stand out long after the interview process has ended.

Firm Handshake

Firm Handshake

5. We want to like you.

Believe it or not, we do want to like you. We want to connect with you. We want you to impress us. We want to give you a job. There was a reason we chose you amongst a stack of resumes. We want you to prove us right. Show us that you have what it takes to do the position. Show us you have a great personality. After all, it is all about finding the right fit. When it comes down to it, a lot of skills are expendable. What really matters is that yourpersonality and skills are a good fit for the company. As interviewers, we are not out to get you and we are not there to judge you. We really do want to like you. Help us like you!

Remember these five things the next time you are on an interview. Interviewers are people too and if you put yourself in their shoes, it might just be easier to smoothly sail through the interview process.

Good luck!


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